Rules and Guidelines

General tournament rules

The tournament rules are according to the CMAS rules of Underwater Hockey, Version 11.0 Volumes 1 and 2


Plus the following additional Swiss Trophy 2021 specific rules and notes.


Everyone has an opinion, but in the water we would only like to hear the captain and vice-captain’s opinion!

This means the captain and vice-captain must be identified by Cap number and body marking (C = Captain, VC = Vice Captain), before the game starts.

The trophy

The captain of the winning team assumes personal responsibility for the return of the trophy no later than eleven months after the date of the tournament, or upon request.

In the event of the loss or damage of the trophy, the captain assumes personal responsibility for its direct replacement, in time for the next edition of the tournament. In the event of the non-availability of the captain, the parent club will assume responsibility for the return or replacement of the trophy.

Players may register for a team up till 17:00 on Thursday 2nd Sept


We need to provide a list of attendees (players and supporters) to the pool before the tournament begins (thank you COVID).

Reduces stress on the organisers.

Penalty for unregistered player on tournament day: Deduction of 3 points for every game that the unregistered player has participated in.

If possible, please list the player’s cap number against their name, with your entry

This is completely optional, but the tournament organizers would like to be able to tell you who scored your goals!

Refereeing – teams must provide a water referee after every game they play

You must provide one water referee after every game you play.

We will provide gloves, cap and shirt for the referees, please use them. But feel free to use your own refereeing “equipment” if you have them.

Teams will be deducted 3 points if the water referee is not in the water at the start of the game.

Points system

The competition will be a round robin, without playoffs. There’ll be plenty of games for everyone, and we want to finish in time to have a nice talk and dinner!

The winner will be decided on points. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided on the basis of goal difference.

3 points for a WIN

1 point to each team for a DRAW

0 points for a LOSS

Players can only play for one team during the competition

This is specified in the CMAS rules, mentioning it again just in case!

Penalty for infringement:

Deduction of 3 points per game the player has participated in, from each team the player has played for.

Game length and timing

Games are 2 x 6 min halfs, with a 1 min break at half time.

Teams change ends at half time

There is a 2 min break between games

It’s Switzerland – games will start on time, whether you are ready or not.

Playing area

The playing area is 22.5m long x 15m wide by 1.8 – 2.0 m deep

The “open side” is delineated by tape, there is no “hard barrier”.

The pool slopes slightly from 1.8m at the end to 2.0m in the middle.

Substitution area

Substitutions are made at the ends of the playing area.

NOT from the sides of the playing area.

NOT from the open side of the pool.

Substitutes players must be completely out of the water

Infringements will be penalized according to CMAS 16.3.5 – 1 min penalty

Substituting players must enter the pool with care at the end of the playing area. Slip gently into the pool keeping clear of players in the water, when you sub in.

Jumping into the pool on top of or near other players is dangerous and will be penalized accordingly: CMAS 17.7 – Team caution and 5 minutes dismissal.

Please clear the pool and the ends of the pool quickly after your game

As a courtesy to the next team, please clear the pool and remove yourselves and your gear from the end of the pool as quickly as possible after your game. There is not much time between games.