What are the COVID Rules/Regulations?

See COVID Rules/Regulations

What are the tournament rules?

See Tournament Rules/Guidelines

How do I get there?

Point your GPS to: Oberdorfstrasse 23, 8600 Dübendorf

Where to we go when we get to the pool?

First you need to sign in at the entrance to the pool. All participants and spectators need to be on the attendance list already. There is no entry fee to the pool, participants and spectators are covered in the team entry fee.

Then go into the pool and find a place in the designated teams and spectators area.

What time do we need to register?

Team registration actually closed on Sunday 29 August. But you can add additional players until 17:00 Thursday 2 Sept.

Where do we need to register?

Team registration has closed, but at the pool all participants and supporters need to “sign-in” at the entrance to the pool.

This means we need names of all participants and supporters by 17:00 Thursday 2 Sept at the latest.

How long are the games?

See Tournament Rules/Guidelines

When do we play?

See uwhzuerich.ch/live

When do we referee?

You need to provide one water referee for the game after you play. See Tournament Rules/Guidelines

The referees for the first game are listed on uwhzuerich.ch/live

Which end of the pool is black sticks?

Black sticks start at the “grandstand/street” end of the pool.

Teams change ends at half time.

Where are the subbing areas?

Subbing is at the end of the pool. See Tournament Rules/Guidelines for specific substitution rules.

What is the sound for starting/stopping the game?

A horn will be used for starting and stopping games. You will hear it.

Is there food at the pool?

Yes, there is a restaurant at the pool which sells drinks, snacks and also full meals. This is where we will have the dinner and prizegiving.

Is there somewhere to warm up?

Yes, you can warm up in the 10m section between the playing area and the rope across the middle of the pool.

Please do not swim on the other side of the rope, this area is for the public.

Please also respect the teams playing, and the referees, and stay well clear of play.

How warm is the pool?


That’s the big question. It depends on the Swiss Summer, which unfortunately this year is very similar to the Swiss Winter.

The pool is heated by solar power, so fingers crossed for some sunny days before the tournament.

Otherwise, wear a bathing cap under your hat, and consider wearing a surfer’s shorty if you don’t like cold water. Or swim faster.