First Mini tournament of 2019!

Last Tuesday we had our first mini tournament of 2019 in Oerlikon.

Three teams of four players in the water (mine had the luxury of an extra sub, one of the privileges of being the organiser!). I did my best to make the teams as even as possible, and that worked out pretty darn well!

The first game was between my team (Team 1) and Team 2. It was really interesting to see how the competitive instincts surfaced, and the level of play quickly stepped up from our usual training games. Awesome to see how our new players stepped up to the challenge. Doing exactly what I asked, curling with the puck to keep position. The only problem was that I was not doing what I said, and failed to be there in support. I blame it on jet lag.

Excellent to see some passionate and vigorous discussion over a blocked shot at goal – Was it deliberate, was it a dangerous pass, should the referee have awarded a penalty goal? In the end the ref called it a no goal, and we ended up with a well fought draw 1 – 1.

Game 2 was equally intense. I was reffing and had a perfect view of some great hockey. Our club leader threw the pass of the night – one of the longest passes I’ve seen for a while! Unfortunately no goal resulted. Another close game ending with two goals each.

Game 3 and my team was up against team 2, our leader’s team. Again really close, but we got an early lead, and one of our experienced ladies scored a runaway goal in the last seconds to secure the only win of the night, 5-3.

Celebratory drinks were held afterwards at Maja’s, together with further analysis of the goal that may have been! Great stuff everyone!

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