Atlantic Cup Nantes

We made it to 9th out of 21 teams!

“Don’t worry, it’s not only division one players from France. There are also division one players from the UK.” This was the nice reassuring statement from my friend when I observed the very fit looking players filling the stands when we arrived.

But then we also had a team which was half filled with D1 players.

As usual, the first game was about learning how to play with the team, since some of us hadn’t played together before. It was a close affair, losing 0-1 to Calypso.

Then we went on to win a couple of games, and ended up in a playoff to see who would make the top group of 10 for the final round on Sunday.

We showed a lack of experience at French parties, arriving on time, and sober. Slowly the other teams trickled in, in various states of intoxication. The food was good but took a looong time arriving, leaving us somewhat hangry. One of the other teams showed their experience by ordering pizzas.

Sunday came one hour earlier, thanks to the summer time shift. And of course we had the first game. Again against Calypso.

Tired and, in some cases hungover, we started well, scoring quickly, but ended up losing the longer 20 min game.

This followed a few losses against the stronger teams – but managing to score twice against the UK team. Our final game was a playoff for 9th place, a tough game which we won!

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